Friday, September 25, 2015

Is Uber safe?

Is Uber safe for me to ride on? Is it dangerous to ride on the car of someone I do not know?
The risk is same like ride on a taxi.

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If you want to go somewhere but you don't have car, you can download Uber apps to request a car to pick you.

The rate is controlled by the distance and time, so you saving more money instead of forcefully taking high price offered by taxi roadside. (P/S: Sorry to some honest taxi drivers out there, may your colleagues spoil the taxi market by treating the riders by shouting RM20 for just 2km distance! Ridiculous!)

1.   You can even track the current location of the driver to know their ETA. 
2.   You may have a copy of receipt which sent to your registered email's mailbox. 
3.   It is more secure than than taxi because Uber company hold all details of the driver, including IC copy, driving licence, car insurance certificate and driver photo. Most important note when you ride on Uber is, ride on the car which the car plate is same as displayed in the apps! If it's different car plate and the driver give you a lot of reasons or excuses, cancel your request and report to Uber! 
4.   You do not need to pay any cash. Just use credit/debit card number your registered in the apps.
5.   The fare fee is including toll fee, and calculated by time and distance.
6.   You may know the fare estimate, estimated time of arrival for the driver, driver's car on the map, car brand, car plate, driver name, driver's head photo and driver phone number before you ride on Uber car.
7.   Something was left in Uber car? Just report to Uber and Uber will check for you. You will have your ride history in the apps in your smartphone.
8.   No advance booking service. Request Uber when you need it immediately!

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There's few news report written that this is illegal for Malaysia. This issue arise when taxi drivers started to complaint they had less demand and make their business drop. However, SPAD should investigate how to improve the quality of taxi drivers in Malaysia, creating system to rate taxi driver and make a complaint for offer pricing before get into the car. Creating the apps is easy, just your initiative to make it ready to use, government!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Million GST Accounting Software

Million Software
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With 15 years of accounting experience, we provide the following services.

  • Transfer / migrate data from UBS Accounting software to Million Accounting software.
  • Customize billing/receipt format
  • One-to-one GST Accounting class
  • One-to-one Million Software training
  • Phone support on Million Software

Available software package:
  • Accounting
  • Accounting + Billing
  • Accounting + Stock Control
  • Stock Control
  • Point of Sales POS System

  • Able to transfer data from UBS Accounting software to Million software
  • No yearly subscription fee
  • Life time ownership on the software with dongle
  • Portable
  • Compatible with GST Malaysia

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


方法一:透过Proxy 网页 

方法二:使用Google DNS 
步骤2:打开电脑的Control Panel。
步骤3:选择Network and internet。
步骤4:选择Network and Sharing Centre。
步骤5:在出现的页面屏幕的左边栏中选择Change Adapter Setting。
步骤7:选择Properties,找到Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPV4)并点击进入。
步骤8:页面会出现一个视窗,在页面的第2部分选择Use Following DNS Server Addresses。
步骤9:在Preferred DNS Server填入8.8.8.8,而Alternate DNS Server 填入8.8.4.4,点击Apply / OK。

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to move your Prestashop from one domain to another

Credits to:

This tutorial will show you how to move your PrestaShop 1.5.x website from one domain to another.

1. Login to your PrestaShop admin panel on domain you are moving from (

2. Navigate to Preferences -> Maintenance and put your shop in maintenance mode to avoid loosing new customers or orders while moving the data.

3. Navigate to Preferences -> SEO & URLs and scroll down to Set shop URL section.
There please change Shop domain and SSL domain to your new domain (
Update Base URI if it is different on your new domain.

4. Download all PrestaShop files and folders to your computer.

5. Login to your phpMyAdmin and create a backup/dump of the database you are using for your PrestaShop.

6. Create database on your new domain ( and import database backup/dump from your (

7. Edit /config/ file which you have downloaded to your computer.
There you should update the settings for the new database server (with your own settings instead of the examples here):

1. define('_DB_NAME_', 'database_name');
2. define('_DB_USER_', 'database_user');
3. define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'database_pswd');

8. Upload all the PrestaShop files and folders to your new domain ( via FTP.

9. Remove all the files except index.php in /cache/smarty/compile and /cache/smarty/cache folders on your new domain (

10. Login to your PrestaShop admin panel on new domain ( and check if it is working properly.

11. In your PrestaShop admin panel navigate to Preferences -> Maintenance and put your site online.

12. Check that all the links are functioning, that all your products, images, modules and themes are still there, and try to create a new account and place an order to make sure your shop is working as expected.

This copy is a backup for me for future use.

This copy is a backup for me for future use.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Do and Don't when You Hike Mount Kinabalu

Hi. Just achieved one of my life goal: Hike Mount Kinabalu
in March 2015.

Thanks to my form 6 friend, Jack Seow (Kim) for organising everything. He is the best tour guide which I never meet, it's free! ^.^

Among 5 of us, I was the only one who fail to reach the peak, I reached Sayat-Sayat check point, but I guessed I could not reach the peak by 7am and I had to save my energy for going down from the Mount Kinabalu afterwards, therefore I decided to rest here and wait for my gang to come down from peak.

Some said that you must learn from "what make them failed?" instead of "Learn from successful person". These notes maybe helpful for you.
P/S: I am not pro-hiker and I was not exercising regularly for the passed 4 years.

1.   Start clearing your intestine few days before you start your hike.
I had a lot of food for few days before I start the hike. Then, I had constipation problem throughout the 3 days 2 night hike. Imagine I carried those body waste (4 days) in my intestine, then it increased my body weight and difficulty for the hike. There were limited clean toilet in the mountain, of course, your mind set will automatically tell you "Don't poo now!" along the hike. Some people may not face this hygiene problem, however the water supply is limited too. In some toilet, you may face on water shortage problem (due to super high location). Even if there are water supply, the water is as cold as ice water! You will not enjoy for cleaning your ass with iced water.

2.   Bring tumbler - to store drinking water to support you for at least 10 hours
If you purchase mineral water at Laban Rata (half way of your hiking journey), it will cost you about RM10 plus for 1.5 litre mineral water (to cover cost for those mountain guide carrys the weight up there). If you are rich, this is not a problem for you. However, you may save some cost if you carry along tumbler that can withstand hot tea (I remembered they do not provide hot plain water), you may take some hot tea from the restaurant in Laban Rata Resort. Please remember that you can only get those drink during meal time, and beyond that period, they won't provide any drinking water for you.

3.   Don't bath at Laban Rata (during hiking journey)
This applied to me, Why? Because I could not withstand the smelly from my body (sweat) and my leg (sticky feel), then I decided to rinse my body's lower part with the half-pail water (water is very limited and it is as cold as ice water, no water heater as electricity is also a limited resource.) and clean my whole body with a wet towel. For that night, I had flu during my sleep and fever when I get up by 1am, before I continue the hiking journey. When you are sick and tired, your spirit will halved-life.
Just get a wet towel to clean yourself is enough.

4.   Don't be late for the second day hike - time constraint!
Discuss with your mountain guide what time should you meet on the second day to continue your hike from Laban Rata, Make sure you start your journey as early as possible! Mostly 2.30am, therefore ready yourself including having your breakfast and "toilet project" by 2.15am. Why? There are time constraint for you to reach the check points. If you are slow climber and you could not reach Sayat-Sayat Check point before 6a.m., and Peak Check Point before 7a.m., you are prohibited to enter the peak zone and you are not eligible to receive the colorful certificate! I was not aware on this time constraint, therefore we definitely late and started our journey at 3am. What a waste on time!

5.   Having full and good sleep before start your hike
The second day hike will not allow you to fully sleep for 8 hours because of uncomfortable environment (it's a new place to your body), cold temperature and time constraint. Therefore, have full and good sleep starts on few days before hike. I am that kind of person that spiritless when I am lack of sleep.

6.   Send postcard from Laban Rata
You having difficult and hard journey up to Mount Kinabalu, and it's meaningful to send postcards from Laban Rata to your love one. Prepare postcards and stamps earlier, including the words and addresses to be written in the postcard before the hike. You have no time to write once you start your hiking journey. Ask the worker at Laban Rata for the exact location of the mailbox. I passed our postcards through the Laban Rata Restaurant and it suppose has a chop for Laban Rata Pos Malaysia on the stamps on the postcards, but unfortunately when we receive the postcard, it was chop with "Ranau". Disappointment!

7.   Bring the lightest and super thick jacket on the second day
We had miscommunication with the mountain guide. We thought we paid the mountain guide for carrying our bag up to peak too, but actually NO! Their service is up to Laban Rata only and return journey from Laban Rata to the Kinabalu park. Therefore, during the second day journey to the peak, just bring tumbler, energy bar, gloves, headlamp, handphone and super thick jacket to the peak. You must reduce the weight so that easier for you to continue your difficult hike. I underestimate the cold weather, and my jacket and pants are not thick enough (I do not have proper wind breaker). In the 2 hours on waiting my friends to come down from the peak, I was shuddering and shaking behind the big rocks.

This is based on my experience.
Hope this note help you!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Macau and Hong Kong Trip Planning

I visited Macau and Hong Kong few months ago.
A planning list to record the places I went for future reference.

Flight: RM203 to Macau,
            RM 371 from HongKong
Cash: RM2500
Hotel: RM560
(9 days 8 nights)

Macau 澳门
1.   The Venetian Macao Mall 澳門威尼斯人酒店
2.   Casino in The Venetian Macao
3.   View at Venetian Hotel
4.   London Hotel
5.   黄枝记,popular noodles shop in Macau - HKD 36
6.   The Ruins of St. Paul's 大三巴牌坊
7.   Yee Shun Papaya Milk - HKD33
8.   Margeret's egg tart 玛嘉烈蛋挞 - HKD 8, Milktea 奶茶 HKD12
9.   Jetty to Hong Kong 1 hour - HK153

**** Macao people isn't friendly.
Even secondary school student. I asked where is the nearest mailbox politely, the boy just went off with no expression.
The staff at the Macau Airport tourism customer service didn't give you any smile although you smile at him.
My friends get scolded by bus driver by go down at wrong station. Hey, we are tourist, we do not know your route bro!

Hong Kong
1.   Wong Kok 旺角街 -  Night walk until 11pm everyday. (night)
       Shopping spree!
2.   Ah Shan Hostel / A-Inn / Dragon Inn
      Room 1406, Sincere Hse, 83 Argyle St Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
3.   凤城酒家点心楼 dim sum as breakfast
4.   中环
5.   搭叮叮车 Have a ride on Ting Ting Car
6.   中环至半山自动扶手电梯系统 - the longest escalator in the world
7.   兰芳园 丝袜奶茶 - milktea - HKD
8.   Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌饼家 - egg tarts best in Hong Kong! - HKD 8
9.   Lan Fong Yun 兰芳园 Milk Tea - HKD 20 (You do not need to have long queue if you plan to take a way the drink)
10.   幻彩詠香江 A Symphony of Lights - 8pm sharp light performance @Victoria Harbour (night)
11. 1881 heritage (night)
12. Avenue of Stars 星光大道
13. 希慎 Hysen Mall
14. 铜锣湾 super huge crowd - shopping
15. 时代广场 Times Square Hong Kong - Luxury shopping
16. 山顶缆车 The Peak Tram
      Avoid public holidays and weekend! (Night)
      Night view is nice!
17. 香港杜莎夫人蜡像馆 Madame Tussauds (Night)
17. 海洋公园 Ocean Park - 
      Avoid public holidays and weekend. Come as early as you can to skip crowd. 
      You definitely will spend whole day here.
18. 昂坪360 水晶缆车 Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin Cable Car 
19. 大屿山 天坛大佛 Tian Tan Big Buddha Temple 
      Try their vegetarian canteen! Cheap and price is low!
20. Lan Kwai Fong 兰桂坊 (Weekend Night)
21. 澳洲牛奶公司 Australia Diary Co. - Try their milk pudding!
22. 珍妮曲奇 Jenny Bakery
      Always queue for their cookies. White cookies feel nicer!
      Remember to take number for the queue!
23. 黄大仙寺 Wong Tai Shin - Pray to get a lover!
      Close at 5pm!
24. 潮成园 in Wong Kok.
      Cheap and nice noodles + vegetables + dumpling + soup
      When they are not busy, they serve you with smiles! 平靓正!
25. Wet market
26. Airport train station counter
      To get refund of your transportation card!
27. Shopping in Airport
      Use up your Hong Kong dollar and back to your home land! 

**** In Hong Kong, you may stay in the same hotel for 7 days. All transportation is easy to get, especially train.

Hong Kong mobile phone SIM card - HKD 80


4 days 3 night plan to Kota Kinabalu KK Sabah

I was planning a Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Trip after I had my hike at Mount Kinabalu.
I planned for 4 days 3 nights. We rent a car for these 4 days.
Well, I was the driver. Imagine I had my Mount Kinabalu hike few days ago.
Here to share the travel plan for future reference.
It was my 4th time came to KK, Sabah.

Day 1 - settle down @ town
1.   Welcoming from airport
2.   Lunch @ Little Italy - Italy food restaurant (cozy but nice!)
3.   Rest @ Homestay
4.   Fook Yuen Damai (superb Roti Kahwin and milktea!)
5.   Grand Illusions (RM90 for 4 person)
      10am - 9pm
      144, Lorong Bunga Telur, Jalan Mat Salleh, Tg Aru.
6.   Sunset Pantai Tanjung Aru
      Come here before 6pm!
7.   Dinner @ Pantai Tanjung Aru
8.   Visit Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Day 2 - Heading to Kundasang
1.   Upside Down House - Rumah Terbalik
      Open at 7am -  Go there earlier so that you can end Kundasang trip before dinner time.
      Mile 21, Jalan Telibong
2.   Enjoy Mount Kinabalu view @ Kinabalu Park
3.   Poring Hot Spring
4.   Lunch at restaurants outside of Poring Hot Spring
5.   Raffles flower visit (just beside the Poring Hot Spring)
6.   Desa Cattle Dairy Farm
      Best time to reach here is 3pm, they taking the milk freshly
      Remember to eat their ice-cream
7.   Dinner at 大茄来海鲜餐厅 Welcome Seafood Restaurant (KK Town)

**** Recommend rent a day of homestay at Kundasang to enjoy the windy cold weather
**** I missed this part therefore I had my dinner at KK town.

Day 3 - Island trip
**** Recommend plan your island trip as early as possible to avoid crowd and sunlight.
1.   Visit @ UMS Aquarium
      Cost less than RM5. Worth it!
2.   Snacks of coconut pudding + Lokan Bakar @ Jalan Sulaman (must try! cheap and delicious!)
3.   Buy Roti Kahwin @ Fook Yuen Damai (take away please! because you heading to Island)
4.   Jesselton Point Jetty (Bargain please to save cost, especially you come with more people)
      - There are 3 or 4 islands offered. I choose to go on 2 islands.
5.   Manukan Island and Sapi Island
      - Have Roti Kahwin bread here! The food there are pricey.
7.   Sunset @ Jesselton Point Waterfront
      Come before 6pm!
6.   Dinner @ Pasar Filipino

Day 4 - Gaya Street (this trip is for Sunday plan)
1.   Breakfast @ Yee Fung Laksa @ Gaya Street
2.   Visit Gaya Street market
3.   Visit signal hill observatory tower
4.   Heading to airport back to Kuala Lumpur

There are more nice restaurants and other activities to try out.
Above list is picked based on my own interest.
I have another list on what to do, what to eat, where to visit in KK Sabah, here is the link: