Friday, September 25, 2015

Is Uber safe?

Is Uber safe for me to ride on? Is it dangerous to ride on the car of someone I do not know?
The risk is same like ride on a taxi.

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If you want to go somewhere but you don't have car, you can download Uber apps to request a car to pick you.

The rate is controlled by the distance and time, so you saving more money instead of forcefully taking high price offered by taxi roadside. (P/S: Sorry to some honest taxi drivers out there, may your colleagues spoil the taxi market by treating the riders by shouting RM20 for just 2km distance! Ridiculous!)

1.   You can even track the current location of the driver to know their ETA. 
2.   You may have a copy of receipt which sent to your registered email's mailbox. 
3.   It is more secure than than taxi because Uber company hold all details of the driver, including IC copy, driving licence, car insurance certificate and driver photo. Most important note when you ride on Uber is, ride on the car which the car plate is same as displayed in the apps! If it's different car plate and the driver give you a lot of reasons or excuses, cancel your request and report to Uber! 
4.   You do not need to pay any cash. Just use credit/debit card number your registered in the apps.
5.   The fare fee is including toll fee, and calculated by time and distance.
6.   You may know the fare estimate, estimated time of arrival for the driver, driver's car on the map, car brand, car plate, driver name, driver's head photo and driver phone number before you ride on Uber car.
7.   Something was left in Uber car? Just report to Uber and Uber will check for you. You will have your ride history in the apps in your smartphone.
8.   No advance booking service. Request Uber when you need it immediately!

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There's few news report written that this is illegal for Malaysia. This issue arise when taxi drivers started to complaint they had less demand and make their business drop. However, SPAD should investigate how to improve the quality of taxi drivers in Malaysia, creating system to rate taxi driver and make a complaint for offer pricing before get into the car. Creating the apps is easy, just your initiative to make it ready to use, government!

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